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5 Best Sunset points in Malta

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Whoa!!!! Honestly choosing the 5 best sunset points in Malta is one the toughest job in hand. 

Sunset is one of the best moments of the day for me. I always love to chase sunset.  Setting sun and the colorful sky create a magic which has power to make all calm, peaceful.  You may have experienced lot of sunsets but believe me no two sunsets are same. Every sunset will give you something new – a unique feeling. When you are on an island you will get plenty of chances. We were not exceptional. During our 7 days trip to Malta we tried to explore different places to enjoy sunset. Sometime we managed to get beautiful viewsun sinking in the sea. Sometime weather did not help us. Still we enjoyed and got different experience every day. 

In my opinion below mentioned spots are the 5 best sunset points in Malta. Hope you will get wonderful weather there to enjoy at the fullest.

Best Sunset points in Malta on Map

1. Dingli Cliff:

Dingli Cliff, one of the highest points in Malta, lies over 250 metres from sea level on the west coast of Malta. Because of its location, Dingli offers incredible view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, with a clear view of the island of Filfa. If weather permits you can enjoy remarkable view of the sunset from here. We were lucky enough to experience the wonderful phenomenon there. Undoubtedly this is one of the best sunset point in Malta.

sunset at dingli cliff
Sunset @Dingli Cliff

How to go: A 35-40 min drive from Valletta by car. Bus no. 52 or 56 go from Valletta to Dingli village, then you need to walk from there. Bus 201 from Rabat goes along the cliffs. You can take your own car right on the cliff.

2. Golden Bay Beach:

Golden Bay is another popular site in Malta for enjoying sunset. It is located next to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, famous for its golden sand and naturally formed dunes. Radisson Golden Sands hotel is just beside the beach. There is a small beautiful restaurant just on the beach. Enjoy a day at the beach, watch sunset over the clear blue water to mark the end of your day.

We could not get a chance to witness sunset there as it was a cloudy day. We spent sometime in the restaurant and enjoyed the surrounding view with a cup of tea. The environment of the restaurant and quality of food was amazing.

Gnejna Bay, Golden Bay, and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay – all three are located nearby and all have beautiful scenery of Sunset .The below picture is borrowed as we did not get a chance to click.

Golden Bay beach in Malta
Sunset @Golden Bay Beach, Malta

How to go:  Golden Bay Beach is almost 21 km from Valletta. It takes 40 min by car. Bus no. 44 goes directly to there from Valletta in every 30 min and the journey takes around 1 hr. 15 min.

3. Blue Grotto:  

Blue Grotto is located on the outskirts of the southern town of Zurrieq. From the top of the hill the surrounding views are breathtaking. You need to drive or walk down 500m from the top to Zurrieq to enjoy the sunset. The road was a bit steep, but it was worthy to visit. It is a popular fishing spot for locals.  We sat on the rocks near and had a chat with locals while enjoying beautiful views of sunset. Take your drinks, sit and enjoy the sunset. This is another place which easily get a mention in the best sunset points of Malta.

sunset at blue grotto
Sunset @Blue Grotto

How to go: Blue Grotto is almost 15 km from Valletta. If you go by car it will take 30min. The place is easily accessible by public transport. From Valletta. Bus 74 takes you to the top of the Grotto. Walk down 500m from there.

4. Dwerja Bay:

Dwerja Bay is located on the west coast of the Gozo island. It was well known as the home Azure Window which was featured in movie Odyssey or in series The Game of Thrones.  Though Azure window collapsed in 2017,  Dwerja Bay is still a must visit place for sunset when you are in Gozo.

Sunset in Dwerja , Gozo - malta travel guide
Sunset at Dwerja - Gozo

How to go: Dwerja Bay is 12km from Gozo Ferry Terminal and takes 30 mins by car. From the terminal take bus no, 301 or 323 10 Victoria Bay 1 the take 311 to dwerja. It takes 50 mins.

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5. Red Tower Mellieha:

Red Tower is one of the top landmarks in Malta and it is perched up high in Mellieha. The watchtower itself is a sight to see. You will get an amazing view of the island from here as it is located at a higher spot. If weather is favorable you can experience one of the best sunsets in Malta from there.

Red Tower in Malta
Red Tower on setting Sun

How to go: Red Tower is about 45 min drive from Valletta (27 km). If you use public transport take Bus 41 or 42  to Qammieh then walk 500 m. Bus is available in every 15 min. And it takes 1 and half hour to reach there.

One can differ with the choice of places but in my opinion these are the 5 best sunset points in Malta. Enjoy your Travel and be Happy!!!

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    Thanks for sharing.Sunset is one of the best moments for me too.

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      I would love to go anywhere right now. Malta looks like such a beautiful place to visit.

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    thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of some awesome sunsets.

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    I live on sunsets. Of their light and emotion. In every place I go and visit I like to know the points where I can enjoy them to the fullest. So thank you.

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    I adore sunsets, too! Whenever I travel, I always allot one day to watch the sunset and it’s important to be at the right spot. So thank you for putting this list for us. I might just myself in Malta next when this pandemic is over.

  7. Adrienne

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful shots. It can be really difficult to get it just right when the sun is the subject.

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    Such pretty sunsets. I can wait for warm weather so I can sit outside and watch the sun go down

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    I have a friend living in Malta. and yes, these places are incredibly beautiful – perfect for watching sunsets!

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    Wow those spots are absolutely gorgeous, I haven’t been to Malta yet but I’ll totally plan a trip when I can!

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    I have friends in Malta and their pictures have always been so stunning. It’s one of those locations that my husband and I have talked about visiting some day. I’m going to have to save this post that we can plan to take in a beautiful sunset when we’re there some day!

  12. World in Eyes

    Great post, the shared five best sunset points in Malta are looks wonderful and attractive for visitors.

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    This really makes me want to travel. I have heard great things about Malta. And the Dingli sunset really does look spectacular. I’d love to see it first hand.

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    Ah, just what I needed to see right now. Putting Malta on the list of places to go when we are able to roam the world again!!

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    Usually you have to go to one specific spot where I live. The fact that you’ve listed 5 in one place is crazy to me. They are all so beautiful

  16. I’m dying to go to Malta ❤️ hopefully I can capitalize on cheaper flight prices when this is all over so I can experience it!! Will have to save this post!

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      This is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for so long. One day

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    Gorgeous. Those sunset makes me miss arizona sunsets

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    I have never been to Malta but it seems like a beautiful place! I would love to see the sunset at the spots you recommended!

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    There is just something so relaxing about watching the sunset. Thank you for sharing these spots.

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    Amazing! Now I know where to go to Malta to wait ch the sunset. 🙂

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    Thank you for sharing. It’s really nice to see some beautiful places.

  24. Semmarys

    Thank you for sharing. When i was little i grew up near the beach and this remind me of my childhood.

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    Malta is on my bucket list! I mostly admire the one in Golden Bay Beach though all of these places offer stunning view of sunsets!

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    I love watching a good sunset. These look like beautiful places.

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    Wow Malta is beautiful. Loving the skyline just immaculate

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    Great list! I always wanted to visit Malta. Maybe next year I will travel and visit all these places.

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