Moon Ray

Beyond the east the sunrise; Beyond the west the sea
And East and West the Wander-Thirst that will not let me be;
It works in me like madness to bid me say goodbye,
For the seas call, and the stars call, and oh! The call of the sky!

Gerald Gould

nomadicmun travelogue
@Tinchuley, Darjeeling, India

When I read this poem for the first time as a teenager, I instantly related myself with the poet. Yes!! I always feel from core of my heart about the dusty roads, the blue sky, green meadows are calling me for exploring the true beauty of Nature. 

And Travelling is the only way to explore the world , meeting amazing people and to connect oneself with Nature and Her enormous creations.

winter in espoo finland
@Espoo, Finland
About 1
@Gran Canaria, Spain

For me travelling is not about only travelling; it is something beyond that.. I can find my true self in it. The enormous experience I gather during travelling  is the real  food for my life. It helps me to be a true human being, give me immense pleasure, fill me with life and energy. 

Being born  and brought up in a small village in  India it was beyond my imagination to be a true traveler. But there is a proverb “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. And it is very true for me. In a change of event  my boyfriend moved to South Africa in 2010. It was the golden opportunity for me and thus the journey  started…

rafting adventure in south africa
Vaal River, South Africa

I have got opportunity to explore few countries of Asia, Africa and Europe and collected unforgettable memories. Hope in future I will travel more and more.

I love to share travel memories of my journey around the world to show other a world that lies beyond the beaten path, through my words and lens. Let’s make the travelling easier for fellow travelers with our Experience, Travel guideline and Important tips.

This blog is work in progress. And I will share my experience & tips gradually.