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Durga Puja in Helsinki, Espoo, Vatnaa – Finland

Ruska (autumn color) announces the arrival of Autumn in Finland with colorful trees. And the season of colors intensifies homesickness in Bengalis who live away from home. Suddenly the Bongs get proactive and starts to look for  information about Durga Puja in nearby places. I am not the exception as usual. I did the same when I moved to Finland in 2014. I had to get information on the event from friends as there was barely any information available on Internet about Durga Puja in Finland.

Over the years I witnessed several Durga Puja in Helsinki, Finland and decided to write them up to help the Bongs who just arrived or live or travelling in Finland and those (other than Bongs) who want to know how Finland celebrates the biggest Bengali Festival.


Nowadays the capital region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) witnesses three Durga Puja, organized by different groups. Eventually people travels from other cities to take part in the events. Though it looks weird to have 3 different events in such a small area, it gives a realistic chance of Pandal hopping away from home.

Finben is organizing Durga Puja 2023 from 22nd October, 2023


The oldest Durga Puja in Finland, organized by FinBen. They have already celebrated their 20th years of Durga Puja in 2018. 

The three day long event starts with idol assembly & pandal decoration on Friday evening.

Saturday is stacked with Puja, Prasad distribution, Lunch, cultural program, Evening Puja.

Sunday is more of adda with known people. If you are introvert then this is not the best day for you at Finben. The event ends in the evening with sidur khela & packing of idols.

You must register/buy pass beforehand if you want to be part of the feast.  

FinBen Durga Puja
Finben - Durga Idol
Finben Durga Puja
Finben - Group Photo

Finben Durga Puja Location

Mohamaya is organizing Durga Puja 2023 from 28th October, 2023 to 29th October 2023


They started their Journey in 2016 with brand new idols from Kumartuli. Though this Puja is the newest addition in Helsinki, It has gained popularity quite fast. Most friendly and energetic organizers. They are always happy to welcome you.

The event starts on Friday. Mainly Organizing members take part in Friday evening to assemble the idols & stage decoration.

Saturday marks the start with Puja in the morning, followed by delicious homemade Prasad. Organizers make sure that everyone visiting the event get Prasad. Sumptuous lunch is served at noon. They have time reserved  for cultural program in the afternoon. All enthusiasts/strangers can participate in the program. The day ends with evening Puja & Dhunuchi naach.


Sunday follows almost similar sequence of events throughout the day with special event “Sindur Khela” in the evening. Sindur khela, dhunuchi nach, dhaak altogether creates an unforgettable ambience during the fag end of the event. Finally customary rasgulla distribution marks the end of year long awaited event. 

Durga Puja in Finland
Mohamaya - Group Photo

The organizers keep an eye on every details of the event. They brought dhaak from Kolkata which gives an extra mileage to the occasion.

No prior registration is required. All are welcome !!!. You can contribute/donate as per your wish on the spot.

Photo Credit – Samujjwal Sahu

Mohamaya Durga Puja Location

Pujari Association is organizing Durga Puja 2023 from 28th October, 2023 to 29th October 2023

Pujari Association Durga Puja

This is the 2nd oldest Durga Puja in Finland. Started in 2010, they used to be full house till 2015 until Mohamaya was formed in 2016.

The event is organized by Pujari association, Finland in Vantaa area. A bunch of friendly & energetic people provide homely environment away from home. The event follows same schedule as other groups. 

Durga Puja in Finland

You can participate in the event without prior registration. All kind of contributions / donations are welcome. 

Pujari association brought new idols from Kumartuli last year after donating the old one to Finnish Museum.  

Durga Puja in Finland

Pujari Association Durga Puja Location

What is Durga Puja

Durga Puja is an annual Hindu festival that reveres the goddess DurgaIt is particularly popular in the Indian states of West BengalAssamTripura, and Odisha, Bagladesh and in Nepal where it is called Dashain. The multi-day festival is celebrated in autumn featuring stage decorations (pandals), scripture recitation, performance arts, revelry, and processions. 

A write up is available on Durga Puja.

Let’s spread the news and comment if you need more information.

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